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March 22: Youth Board Meeting


March 24th - April 1st:

Center Closed for Spring Break


April 5: DIY Coffee Mugs


April 8: Skokie Lagoon Clean-Up


April 12: Movie Night


April 15: Dinner with the YO


April 19: Youth Board Meeting


April 22: Paddle Tennis


April 29: Concert  

Upcoming Events

Winter 2017 Hours:


Sunday: Closed

Monday:  Closed

Tuesday: Closed**

Wednesday: 3 - 7pm

Thursday:  Closed**

Friday: 4 - 7pm

Saturday: 6 - 10pm



**WYO staff will be over at Carleton Washburne Junior High every Tuesday and Thursday, conducting programs during lunch and after-school.

Winnetka Youth Organization


Winnetka Youth Organization

620 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka, IL 60093


"The YO Spotlight"

Our March spotlight goes out to...Lizzy Appleby, the Youth Program Manager at Angles!  

When her Youth Leaders mentioned wanting an open-mic night, Lizzy sought out our organization to do a partnership program. We thought this to be such a considerate gesture, to get another local agency involved as well as a tactical one given the YO’s musical background. From the beginning stages of planning to the execution of the event, collaborating with one another seemed to fall right into place. Angles put together an awesome open-mic night that the YO was proud to be a part of, and we hope there are more to come!

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Lizzy Save the Date - Spring 2017 Benefit