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Oct. 22: Volunteering with Glencoe Community Garden


Oct. 26: Joint Youth Board Meeting


Oct. 28: Scary Movie Marathon


Nov. 2: Youth Board Meeting


Nov. 4: Board Game Night


Nov. 9: Documentary + Discussion


Nov. 12: Band Together Concert


Nov. 19: Thanksgiving Crafts Night


Upcoming Events

Fall/Winter 2016 Hours:


Sunday: Closed

Monday:  Closed

Tuesday: Closed**

Wednesday: 3 - 7pm

Thursday:  Closed**

Friday: 3 - 10pm

Saturday: 6 - 10pm



**WYO staff will be over at Washburne Junior High every Tuesday and Thursday, conducting programs during lunch and after-school.

Winnetka Youth Organization


Winnetka Youth Organization

620 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka, IL 60093


"The YO Spotlight"

Our October spotlight goes out to one of our newest staff members...Jenna Duerig!

Jenna started working as the WYO Youth Advocate towards the end of August, which was just in time for the launch of our middle school programming over at Washburne! She has been an extreme help in creating exciting programs and implementing them to the best of her abilities all while working with local youth!

Drop-In Hours


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