Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does my child need to be in Winnetka to participate in your events?

Absolutely not! We see teens from Wilmette, Northfield, Glenview, and several other nearby areas, including Chicago. As long as you think your teen can benefit from the programming we offer, they are absolutely welcome here.

Q. What is the age range? Can a 12-year-old attend?

The Winnetka Youth Organization serves teens in 7th-12th grade. As long as a teen is within the grade range, they are welcome to attend our events. However, to perform in our Battle of the Bands and leadership groups, all members must be in grades 9th-12th.

Q. Is there an age restriction on volunteer events?

No, unless the location of our volunteering has an age restriction of their own. If that is the case, we will state as much on our flyers, website descriptions, and any other advertising. If the volunteer location does not have an age restriction, then any teen in 7th-12th grade is welcome to attend our volunteer events!

Q. How much do these programs cost?

For the most part, the programming we offer is free. If a program has a charge to it, it will be noted in the event description on our website, on flyers, and on any other advertisements we have for the event. All money we ever charge for a program goes directly back into offering more fantastic free programming for our teens.

Q. What type of teens do you serve?

We serve all types of teens! We offer a diverse schedule of programming, including gaming and music events, volunteer and leadership opportunities, and creative artistic workshops, in order to cater to every type of teen. Regardless of your child’s interests, we strive to make sure that there is a program they will enjoy on our calendar.

Q. Do teens just show up to events, or is there a sign-up/registration process?

We are a drop-in center, so it is not necessary to RSVP to events unless we specifically mention that we require it. However, it is always nice to be told in advance that teens will be attending, so that we can make sure we are well-prepared for our programming for the day. You can RSVP to events by contacting our program director, Mary Komlofske, at!

Q. Do you offer counseling services?

No, our role is not to provide counseling to our teens! However, we do follow counseling methodologies to create a welcoming space. If we see a teen in need of additional services, we make referrals to local services that can offer the support they may need. Only if a teen is in harm, harming themselves, or harming others, we will notify their parent/guardian immediately and/or DCFS and provide additional resources, if needed.

Q. Are you open all year round?

The Winnetka Youth Organization is open all year round! Scroll down our home page for our hours! Our hours are slightly different in the summer compared to the school year. Notably, we are in Washburne on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school year–but we will have programming all year round. During the school year we are open M-TH (3 pm-7 pm), F (3 pm-9 pm) and during the summer, we are open M-TH (2 pm-6 pm), F (3 pm-7 pm). Saturdays, being our social service days, will vary!

Q. How are you funded?

The Winnetka Youth Organization is funded by grants, fundraising events, and donations from community members like yourself. Some of our primary funders are the New Trier Township and the Winnetka Park District. We fundraise through our annual benefit, selling items at community events, and through programming such as music events and our Pup and Car Wash. We are always accepting donations; if you support what we do, consider donating to the organization!

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