Professional Development

Adulting 101 is a program that engages community leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs to inspire, mentor, and educate high school students. Through monthly workshops, you will learn skills that will enhance your development in discovering who you are and where you want to be in the professional field, higher education, and even just summer part-time jobs!

Topics covered in Adulting 101 by an expert, will lead you how to:

  • Have your resume stand out.
  • Ace interview questions.
  • Get comfortable with public speaking.
  • Become more self-aware.
  • And make your college essay authentic and competitive.

Who should attend these events?

  • High school students aspiring to hold a successful career in the future.
  • Who are eager to learn more about the vast careers available.
  • Inspired to develop and enhance skills needed to pursue jobs.
  • And interested in understanding more about how they can improve internally and externally to meet the needs of their potential employer.


Are you a professional adult that can help us cover one of these topics?
E-mail WYO’s Program Director,  Mary Kolmlofske:

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