Social Service Saturdays

We care about our community

The Winnetka Youth Organization (“WYO”) offers social service opportunities every Saturday that help cultivate interests, increase hands-on involvement in the community, and allow teens to gain a new perspective on life.

A few examples of Social Service Saturdays include:

  • Participation in the Kids Against Hunger event to package meals for hungry children
  • Book sorting at Bernie’s Book Bank which donates books to children without access to them
  • Maintain our local forest preserves by removing invasive species and planting
  • Serving meals at the First Presbyterian Church of Evanston’s soup kitchen
  • Collecting and packaging basic needs care packages to the Chicago area homeless with the Night Ministry 
  • Managing the Family Stage booth of activities at the Winnetka Music Festival
  • & many more!

Check out our program calendar for our upcoming Social Service Saturday events!

keeping record of your HOURS

It’s recommended that teens who volunteer with the Winnetka Youth Organization keep a log of their hours by printing and filling out this formIf you need your hours validated for employer or school purposes, please ask the WYO staff on duty to sign your log sheet.

Please note: the WYO is not responsible for keeping record of volunteer’s hours.


For teens who keep record of their hours and volunteer more than 50 hours in one year with the Winnetka Youth Organization, are eligible to receive a letter of recommendation by the WYO Executive Director (upon request). 


The Winnetka Youth Organization partners with local courthouses and Peer Jury’s to offer teens in need of mandatory service hours a space to complete them. Teens who need hours have to schedule a time to meet with the Executive Director, along with a parent/guardian to determine scheduling, complete paperwork, and review expectations. The schedule determined is based off the organization’s need and can be done throughout the week.

To complete your community service hours with the Winnetka Youth Organization, please email or call 847.446.0443.




Service Dedication Award

The Service Dedication Award is given to honor teens that are heavily involved in our social service events. Recipients of this award have shown a strong desire to participate in volunteering of all kinds and commit to attending volunteer events monthly.

2019 Service Dedication Award Winner


Congratulations to Maggie Cao on receiving the 2019 Service Dedication Award!
We recognize your hard work, sacrifice, dedication and courage in helping others to succeed.
You both have touched lives with your efforts and we thank you for your outstanding service.
You are an inspiration to us, and we appreciate all the kind work you do.



Maggie Cao, WYO Youth Board Treasurer pictured on April 13th, 2019 at the WYO’s 50th Anniversary Benefit

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