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A Note from the Creator

As a student who has transferred between more than four different schools, I noticed that in certain continents some high school students struggle to keep up with their math classes.  Additionally, while some students struggle to keep up with their math classes, other more advanced students often can’t find enough intriguing challenges to keep them interested in the subject.  In the end, these students can sadly lose interest in learning math.

I recently sought to find a solution to this predicament.  I knew that I wouldn’t be able to completely “revolutionize” the educational systems that currently exist on my own.  However, I figured that if I shared some of my own personal experiences in learning math, as well as highlighted the mathematical concepts that I’ve learned over the years, this may be a good place to start.  I wrote a 220-pg, 45000-word textbook on different mathematical concepts, and I still continue to write unit guides and exercises for my students as well.  I’m excited to share my unit guides with you all, and I will continue to upload them to this website over time.

Thank you!


Project Math Nudge

This project is focused on unit long guides related to various mathematical concepts, and caters to a wide variety of grade levels as well.  The project initially began when I was recruited to be a student tutor.  I felt strongly that I wanted to introduce different layers of specific mathematical topics to my students, and as a result I created this project.

As each tutoring session that I conduct is only 40 minutes long, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to introduce all of the relevant knowledge and materials that I wanted to to my students in just one lesson.  Instead of covering a vast amount of material and information in one 40 minute session, I figured that I could write more concise educational materials, in different formats, instead.  Ultimately, I felt that this would cater more toward student learning.  Each unit that I have created, and modified, consists of plural unit-guides, as well as a list of challenging questions at the end of each unit.

I will be continually posting the content that I’ve created to this website, and just as I have encouraged my students to check this website for these materials, I also invite you to do the same!