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Recently, a junior from Stevenson High School, Saanvi, reached out to us with an interesting solution to a relevant problem.  Saanvi had noticed that schools were closing, due to COVID-19, and believed that many students might now be left with limited resources.  To help fix this problem, Saanvi created a series of STEM videos to serve as a free public resource for all students, as well as for anyone else interested in learning more about STEM.  To the right you’ll find a series of 8 videos that Saanvi has created, along with a short note written by Saanvi as well.  As always, thanks for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy the videos!

WYO Staff



A Note from the Creator

Hello!! My name is Saanvi and I’m a junior at Stevenson High School. The moment that I set foot into high school, I knew that I was interested in science, and as I got more involved in different clubs in school, an interest for science grew into a passion for STEM.  I knew that my years in middle school were incredibly important in developing my own interests, and I soon realized that school closures due to COVID-19 would leave many students without the resources to explore what they were interested in. So, I wanted to put together this collection of videos about different careers in STEM to help middle school students explore their interests while they aren’t able to in school. I have truly enjoyed making these videos, and I hope you find them helpful!